Zamzows Tips For Growing Tomatoes

Zamzows Tips For Growing Tomatoes

Tomatoes are King...

When it comes to the home garden. People that don’t “Garden” still like to grow a tomato or two. Over the years, we have compiled some great advice to help everyone be successful.

Putting a plant in the ground may seem like a really simple thing. Tomatoes have a special feature that allows them to be planted just a little differently. If you prune off the leaves about two-thirds up and bury it so only the top third of the plant is left, your plant will be able to push out more roots and bring in more water and nutrients. I know it starts out a little smaller, but trust us it will quickly catch up and soon outgrow other tomatoes not planted this way.

Tomatoes are heavy feeders. They eat a lot, and getting this started off right will make a world of difference in your plant’s performance throughout the year. The best thing to start them off right is Zamzows Tomato Boom. Tomato Boom has everything your plants need to promote root growth and reduce transplant shock. Tomato Boom is loaded with essential nutrients that prevent against blossom end rot and give you the most flavorful and nutritious fruit you’ve ever tasted.

Pruning often will help control the size and shape of your tomato, it also removes the unnecessary growth that steals energy from the rest of the plant. Suckers are a large drain of energy from your plants. Identifying suckers is difficult to explain, so I am going to let Jim Zamzow show you how. The video covers some other tips so if you want to jump to the Tomato pruning, skip to the 1:42 mark.  Jims Garden Tips

Controlling your tomatoes is essential for healthy growth and accessibility as they mature. You really need to cage these guys. But here is the actual tip. Put your cage on them at planting time! Seriously don’t wait. If you buy a tomato buy a cage. Unless you already have some you should get a cage at the time you buy. Because you will probably forget and the next thing you know it is the end of July and your tomato is so big you will risk serious damage trying to wrangle a cage around it. So get that cage on at planting time; you’ll be glad you did.

All plants need water and tomatoes are no exception. Many problems that manifest in our tomatoes can be directly correlated to a watering issue. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Make a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. A good place to start is about every three days. To do this properly you will want to water deeply. So let the water run for a good twenty minutes or so. Soak don’t spray, it is better to soak the soil around your tomato and keep the water off the foliage when possible.

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