Zamzows Nutri-Rich Organic Fertilizer

Zamzows Nutri-Rich Organic Fertilizer


Zamzows Nutri-Rich is a 100% certified organic all-purpose fertilizer. The majority of organic fertilizers are unbalanced and very high in nitrogen. Our formula is 4-3-3. This balanced nutrient rich blend provides long-lasting natural plant food; it also contains 7% calcium. This is vital in alkaline soils and is perfect in garden applications. Tomatoes draw tremendous amounts of calcium from the soil and with this fertilizer, it will greatly recuse the possibility of blossom end rot.


You get both soluble nitrogen and water insoluble nitrogen to deliver a balance of rapid and long-term feeding.


Apply Nutri-Rich at the rate of 8 to 12 pounds per 100 sq. feet and blend it into the top three inches of soil. For established plants apply ½ lb. for every foot of plant height at the plants drip line. Apply twice during the growing season. Feel free to use this around every plant in your yard. The micronutrients provided by a natural product will add flavor to vegetables and brighter color in flowers. Like every Zamzows product, we stand behind it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Nutri rich is one of a series of our all natural fertilizer products when used in combination generates a balanced environment for plants to thrive in.