What is Zamzows Huma Green?

What is Zamzows Huma Green?

Soils are Alive

Not the dirt part of it, that stuff is just dirt. I guess I should say the soil is an ecosystem, harboring millions of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, bugs, and worms. The soil is a diverse and complex place. All these micro-critters need to eat, feeding them is the first step to properly feeding our plants.

The Story

Most things Zamzows sells began with a story. Huma Green is no different, and this story began with years of observation. Over the years of selling other brands of fertilizers, the folks at Zamzows began to see a pattern. After around three years of using high Nitrogen fertilizers, customers would come in with lawn problems they could not fix. The solutions only masked the problems and they would return year after year and even get worse. Jim being the curious type began to look into why this was happening.

Jim looked into what made a good soil, and he found many things that were required. What became apparent in the soils he was dealing with was a lack of food for microorganisms. Jim will tell you when it comes to a soil “the microbes sit at the table first”. When we add Nitrogen to the soil the microbes begin to eat. If their food supply runs out they, like any other living thing will die. When they die the soil's ability to turn fertilizers into something the plants can use decreases. Think of the soil as your plant's stomach. The microbes in the soil predigest everything that gets put into it, so that our plants can use the things it needs.


Zamzows Huma Green is a perfectly balanced meal for these microorganisms. When they are healthy, our plants are healthy, and healthy plants look and perform better. Too much of either the fuel (Nitrogen) or the feed (Humus) and you have an imbalance. This is why Jim designed the lawn program as he did, to bring the fuel and feed into its proper balance.