Tree Pruning Equipment For the Homeowner

Tree Pruning Equipment For the Homeowner


Tree and shrub pruning is one of the most intimidating prospects for any new homeowner. However with any new skill practice and patience is the keys to early success. The types of tools you use will set the stage for proper care and great presentation. These items are a great starting point for your endeavors.

Hand Pruners

Hand pruners are arguably the most important tool and investment, to begin with. I would really recommend spending a little extra to get a high-quality durable hand pruner. You will be glad you put a little extra into this tool. It will be the piece you use the most and a cheap pair will expose itself quickly. Hand pruners should not be used on any branches larger than a half inch. A nice pair of long handled pruners is another important tool to consider. These will be used for limbs greater than half an inch up to 1 and a quarter inch.

Hand Saw

The second most important piece of equipment to consider is a nice Hand saw. I prefer a fold-able hand saw that is preferably a “pull” cut. A “pull” cut saw does as the name implies cuts on the pull stroke. This is preferred when pruning trees, especially limbs overhead.

Pole Pruner

Another tool that will not be necessary for many but if you have very large trees a pole pruner will be a necessity. I recommend a pole pruner that is higher than your standing reach. Climbing the tree or using a ladder is just too sketchy for me. Most pole pruners will extend to almost twelve feet.

More Practice

Pruning is a reality for the home gardener, and the right tools make a huge difference. Make healthy proper cuts is essential to keeping your trees and shrubs performing their best year after year.