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How to Kill Puncture Vine/Goat Heads

How to Kill Puncture Vine/Goat Heads

I have an acre of ground and I'm getting over run by sticker vines, how do you get rid of them?

Answer from Zamzows Lawn Expert
I am assuming that your sticker vines are what is called puncture vine or commonly called goat heads. To get rid of these you need to spray Zamzows Ultra Lawn Weed Killer on the vines. This product will kill the vines very quickly. You should see the vine start to die within six to 24 hours. Take the time to spot spray the puncture vine in order to get complete and accurate coverage.

Puncture vine is easy to control and prevent. Your goal is to get a full and thick turf or ground cover to prevent the seed from germinating in your landscape. You need to check for the weed on a weekly basis to prevent seed set on the vines. The seed from this weed is viable for seven years.

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