Top 10 Reasons To Love Houseplants

Top 10 Reasons To Love Houseplants

1. Houseplants reduce stress levels.



Having plants in your environment can make you feel more comfortable and soothed, lowering your general response to stress.



2. Working with plants can be therapeutic.



Horticultural therapy includes repotting and pruning. Additionally, the action of plant watering has been proven1 to help with depression and anxiety.



3. When you’re sick, plants may help you recover faster.



People have shorter hospital stays when they are surrounded by living greenery. Ever notice that doctors usually decorate with live plants, not plastic?



4. Plants boost your productivity.



Studies show that people with more plants in their workspace took fewer sick days and were more productive. So, go tell your boss to buy you a plant for your office (or maybe just print this article off and leave it to be discovered).



5. Plants improve the quality of indoor air.



NASA has done several studies with ways to improve air quality in a sealed spacecraft. Not only did houseplants work, they also discovered that the roots and soil of the plants reduced airborne volatile organic compounds.



6. Plants help with indoor allergies.



Rooms with plants have less dust and mold than rooms without any foliage.



7. Plants help with overall mood.



Plants can brighten up your surroundings and lift your mood by adding attractive colors to your room. (They also require you to open your blinds to let the sunshine in, so that doesn’t hurt either.)



8. Plants add moisture to the air.



Furnaces and air conditioners pull moisture out of the air in your home. This can make your skin very itchy and can even make you more susceptible to a cold or flu. (Tip: Zamzows recommends getting a Spider Plant if air moisture is your goal.)



9. Plants make for a more restful sleep.



Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, making them a natural sleep enhancer.



10. Plants are pretty!



It’s the truth, plain and simple. Humans are drawn to plants because of the way they look and that in itself is enough reason to go get one at any of the 13 Zamzows stores today!