Organic Insect Control - Diatomaceous Earth

Organic Insect Control - Diatomaceous Earth


Diatomaceous Earth is made from the finely ground fossils of prehistoric fresh water diatoms. Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) kills common household and garden pests like roaches, ants, fleas, beetles and many others. It can provide a long lasting insect control. It sprinkles easily into cracks and crevices where bugs hide and wipes them out!

No Poison

Organic gardeners have used D.E. for years to control crawling insect pests. The sharp edges of the diatom works its way into the joints of insects and causes micro cuts in their soft body parts. They, in turn, lose body fluids. When the dust is eaten by insects, the D.E. inhibits breathing, digestion, and reproduction. Because it kills by mechanical action rather than poison, insects have not developed immunity. Apply the dust lightly in insect infested areas.

A little Trick

To increase the kill rate in garden usage (targeting insects like slugs and earwigs), I advise that you roll up some newspaper into a cone. Spread the D.E. in a deep line around the plants you want to protect. When the insect crawls through this band of D.E. it will be exposed to far more D.E. in its joints for a more rapid kill.

Benefits to Using Diatomaceous Earth

  • Safe for use in pantry and around food
  • Use indoors or out
  • Odorless and does not stain
  • Stays effective as long as it stays dry
  • Does not contain piperonyl butoxide

Diatomaceous Earth controls

  • spiders
  • centipedes
  • millipedes
  • other crawling insects

Use it Indoors and Outdoors for

  • ants
  •  fleas
  • cockroaches
  • crickets
  •  earwigs

In your home, it will help to control

  • carpet beetles
  • bedbugs
  • silverfish

To control fleas: Lightly apply D.E. dust on pet bedding, carpets, and furniture when a flea problem surfaces. It won't bother pets or humans.

D.E. is undervalued and not well known to many home gardeners. Based on it's long staying power and safety I urge you to give this underrated pet control product a try.