How to Stop Dog Urine Burns in Your Lawn.

How to Stop Dog Urine Burns in Your Lawn.

There are many ways to stop dog urine from burning or yellowing grass on your lawn. These are all healthy and safe suggestions to stop your dog from creating those unsightly urine burns on your grass.

Zamzows Spot-B-Gone

Our first solution is called Zamzows Spot Be Gone. It comes in both a liquid and treat form. Spot B Gone is an all-natural supplement. That being said, it could take up to four to six weeks to see a result. If your dog has any health problems you will want to consult a vet first.

If you don’t want to go with a treat, you may prefer to use Spot-B-Gone liquid. This is the best way to prevent dog urine burns on your lawn. You can put this on your dog’s food or water and it helps to reduce the acidity and nitrogen content of your dog’s urine. We recommend one pump for every 10 pounds of your dog. It can go in either food or water, but usually, your dog eats all the food, they don’t always drink all of the water.


If you would prefer to not give your dog a supplement, we have a training product called Simple Solutions Pee-Post Stake. It is a pheromone-treated yard stake, that is rather simple to use once you have trained your dog to use it. Hammer the Pee Post into the ground in a location that you would like your dog to urinate. Once in the ground and when your dog has to urinate, lead them over to the post. After doing this, make sure to praise your dog for urinating near the post. A few times of doing this, your dog will use the post every time they go.
The pheromone used in this lawn urine burn deterrent is non-toxic so your pet will be safe. It is not recommended to let your dog chew on the post. After a long time and in the weather, you will not be able to smell the pheromone, this is ok because your pet will still be able to because they have an acute sense of smell.


Another great product that will cover up lawn burns is Zamzows Thrive you can use it for your trees, flowers, indoor plants, and vegetables. It works great to help take the urine burn out of your lawn. If you use this product by mixing 1 cup of Zamzows Thrive to 1 gallon of water and put this on the urine stain it will help revitalize your lawn.

If the grass has died completely, you will need to reseed the area. Zamzows Spot Regrow is formulated to neutralize the urine killing the grass. It include grass seed that will match your lawn and mulch to hold moisture. It's the easiest way to regrow spots in your lawn. 

Urine burns in the lawn can be very unsightly. if you are not sure which one will be right for your dog email us at or speak with an associate at your nearest Zamzows location.