Zamzows Garden And Planting Mix 1.5 CUFT
Zamzows Garden And Planting Mix 1.5 CUFT

Zamzows Garden And Planting Mix 1.5 CUFT


Product Information

Zamzows Garden and Planting Mix 1.5 CUFT, a superior blend of the finest organically enriched composted ingredients designed to enhance the growth of a wide variety of plants. This versatile product is recommended for growing annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, roses, vegetables, and herbs. With 13 conveniently located stores across Eagle, Meridian, and Nampa, Zamzows is dedicated to providing exceptional gardening solutions to the Treasure Valley community.

For your gardening success, follow these easy directions when using Zamzows Garden and Planting Mix. When tending to gardens and planting beds, thoroughly incorporate the mix into the top four to six inches of soil. For individual plantings, create a hole, place your chosen plant in it, and cover the root ball with the amended soil. Gently pat the mix firmly around the plants, ensuring not to pack it tightly. Use Zamzows Thrive fertilizer to reduce transplant shock and aid in root development. During the initial few weeks after planting, keep the soil moist to promote healthy establishment.

When planting trees, shrubs, and roses, prepare the backfill by combining one part excavated soil with one part Zamzows Garden and Planting Mix. Dig a hole twice the size of the plant's root ball and add enough soil to raise the top of the root ball by 1/2 inch. After carefully removing the plant from its container, center it in the hole and fill it with the modified soil mixture. Tamp the soil around the plant, adding more if needed, and water thoroughly to settle the roots. You can find more in-depth planting help in our article called "How to Plant a New Tree."

To maintain the product's freshness and quality, remember to close the bag after each use, preventing it from drying out. For maximum plant growth, avoid excessive drying or over-watering, and follow the recommended fertilizer application instructions provided on the fertilizer package. At Zamzows, we prioritize convenience for our valued customers. Take advantage of our online ordering system, enabling you to purchase your desired products and conveniently pick them up at your nearest store, where our dedicated employees will happily assist in loading your order.

Experience the transformative power of Zamzows Garden and Planting Mix 1.5 CUFT in your gardening and landscaping endeavors. From vibrant annuals and resilient perennials to thriving trees, shrubs, roses, vegetables, and herbs, this premium mix provides the ideal conditions for optimal plant growth. Trust Zamzows, the trusted provider of top-quality gardening supplies, to help you create a lush, flourishing outdoor space tailored to the unique soil conditions of the Treasure Valley.