Melnor 6 Pattern Rotary Sprinkler
Melnor 6 Pattern Rotary Sprinkler

Melnor 6 Pattern Rotary Sprinkler


Product Information

The Turbo Drive Rotary Sprinkler is ideal for discreet watering. Water early in the morning with the nearly silent operation that won’t disturb the neighbors. Six spray patterns allow you to adjust the water flow from jet-full-fan-flat and more. The sturdy metal spike works well even in hard soil. Unit-to-unit connection allows multiple sprinklers to connect and water an even larger area. For beautiful flowers and bountiful gardens, get the right water tool to keep everything healthy all season long.
Water up to a 70’ diameter, great for small to medium sized lawns
• 6 spray patterns change the water flow from a fan to a full spray
• Spray angle adjusts from 25° to 360° to water just where it’s needed
• Diffuser adjusts the spray distance, to water a large section of the lawn or a small garden
• Turbo motor for an extra-long life
• Sturdy metal step spike for easy and secure placement
• Backed by a Melnor® Limited Lifetime Warranty. We stand behind our products.