Kaytee Kay-Kob Bird And Small Pet Litter 10 L


KAYTEE Kay-Kob Bird And Small Pet Litter – the natural choice for your feathered and furry friends. Crafted from natural corn cob, this product is designed to be the perfect bedding and litter solution for birds and small animals. With a high absorbency rate, it efficiently tackles moisture and helps keep unpleasant odors at bay. The unique feature of not sticking or clinging to cages or pens ensures a hassle-free cleanup, making it a preferred choice for pet owners.

One standout quality of KAYTEE Kay-Kob is its cleanliness, setting it apart from other brands. The corn cobs are stored inside, away from dirt, providing a purer and more hygienic environment for your pets. With a remarkable 99.9% dust-free formula, you can be confident that your pets will enjoy a comfortable and clean living space. Plus, being an all-natural product, it aligns with your commitment to providing the best for your pets.

Please note that KAYTEE Kay-Kob is not recommended for reptiles due to the risk of ingestion and possible gastrointestinal blockage.

For your convenience, this exceptional pet litter is available at your local Zamzows locations. Whether you prefer the ease of in-store shopping or the convenience of online ordering, you can choose to pick up your purchase in-store or opt for nationwide delivery. Pamper your pets with the premium quality of KAYTEE Kay-Kob Bird And Small Pet Litter, available at Zamzows – where quality and care come together.