Hummer Ring Feeder


Hummer Ring Feeder – an enchanting way to connect with nature right at your fingertips. Designed to bring the magic of hummingbirds up close, this innovative feeder lets you feed these delightful creatures right from your hand. Perfect for bird enthusiasts of all ages, including children and seniors, the Hummer Ring Feeder is a captivating experience that fosters a deeper connection with the world around us.

Crafted in the USA, this feeder holds 0.3oz/10 milliliters of nectar, providing a sweet treat for your feathered friends. Its top rack dishwasher-safe design ensures easy cleaning, and the cap effortlessly lifts off the base for thorough maintenance. To initiate the interaction, place the Hummer Ring Feeder in a plant pot initially. Once the hummingbirds become accustomed to the feeder, transform it into a ring for a truly immersive experience.

Stand still, extend your arm, and watch as these wonderful birds gracefully land to enjoy the nectar you provide. The Hummer Ring Feeder is not just a product; it's a gateway to a magical encounter with nature that will leave you and your family captivated.

Get your very own Hummer Ring Feeder at local Zamzows locations, where the beauty of nature meets convenience. If you prefer online shopping, you can easily order and pick up in-store or opt for nationwide delivery. Bring the joy of hummingbird feeding to your home with the Hummer Ring Feeder – where wonder and wildlife unite.

Great for Hummingbirds