Green Thumb Oscillating Sprinkler


Green Thumb Heavy Duty Metal Oscillating Sprinkler—a revolutionary watering solution designed to elevate your gardening experience. This top-of-the-line sprinkler boasts an impressive coverage of up to 3900 square feet, ensuring your lush greenery receives the hydration it deserves. Equipped with a Flow Control feature and powered by a Turbo Drive Motor for extended life, this sprinkler guarantees efficient and consistent watering every time.

The 18 clog-resistant rubber nozzles provide an even distribution of water, preventing dry patches and ensuring your entire garden flourishes. With the convenient 1 Touch Width Control, you have the power to customize the watering area effortlessly. The sturdy aluminum base ensures stability and durability, making it a reliable companion for your gardening needs.

Visit your local Zamzows locations to explore the Green Thumb Oscillating Sprinkler in person. For added convenience, you can also order online and choose between hassle-free in-store pickup or nationwide delivery. Elevate your gardening game with the Green Thumb Oscillating Sprinkler—where innovation meets efficiency.