Brilliant Salmon Oil 10 OZ


Brilliant Salmon Oil 10 OZ - the ultimate health boost for your furry friends!

Give your pet the gift of a glossy, radiant coat and an irresistible fresh flavor that will have them coming back for more. Our salmon oil is specially formulated to provide a whopping 7 times more goodness than other fish oils, thanks to our patented process. Packed with all 21 essential omega fatty acids, including EPA, DHA, and DPA, it's a powerhouse of nutrients that promote a soft coat, supple joints, relief from itching, and overall vitality.

We believe in quality from start to finish. That's why we use only the freshest salmon from traceable sources, processing from fish to bottle within a mere 4 hours. The result? A 100% pure, human-grade salmon oil that exudes brilliance and freshness.

Our taste tests confirm it - 100% of cats and dogs chose Brilliant Salmon Oil over other options. Simply pump this liquid gold onto your pet's meal and watch the magic happen.

Say farewell to itchy, dry skin and welcome a new era of health and comfort for your pet. Our salmon oil is packed with natural anti-inflammatory compounds that tackle molting, cholesterol levels, paw softness, skin health, and even arthritis.

Rest easy knowing that our formula is free from harmful chemicals, solvents, GMOs, artificial additives, preservatives, and colors. We're committed to providing only the best for your beloved pet.

We're also proud advocates of sustainability. From fjord to bottle, we ensure no part of the fish goes to waste. Our upcycled ingredients use fresh salmon offcuts that would otherwise be discarded.

Using Brilliant Salmon Oil is a breeze:
1. Prep your pet's daily food as usual.
2. Take the bottle of salmon oil and pump once for every 6.6lbs (3kg) of your pet's body weight (1 pump = 6.6lbs).
3. Hold the bottle at a slight angle (not more than 45°) for optimal results.
4. If desired, stir the oil into your pet's food for even distribution.
5. Serve the salmon oil-infused food to your pet and witness their delight!

Elevate your pet's well-being with Brilliant Salmon Oil 10 OZ - because they deserve nothing but the best.