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Benebone Bacon Stick SM


In life, generally, the real thing is better than imitation. But every once in a while, something comes along that’s better than the real thing. The  Bacon Sticks are durable fetch toys that will have dogs ditching regular sticks. For dogs under 30 pounds. 


Our flagship products are durable chew toys made of super-strong nylon and real flavors. We make and source everything in the USA.

There’s more to us than the world’s best chew toys.


On each Benebone label, we provide guidelines to help you choose a toy for your dog. Our guidelines are for rough reference only. Benebones are not suitable for dogs that weigh more than our recommended guidelines or for dogs that are very strong or very aggressive chewers.

Always choose the largest product your dog can handle, even if you have a dog rated for a smaller size.

Our tiny products are indeed tiny. Keep them away from larger dogs so they are not accidentally ingested.


Diamonds may be forever, but unfortunately Benebones aren’t. They generally last a few weeks, or even a month or so. We hope these photos help you decide on when it’s time to retire your beloved Benebone. We recommend discarding after a month, or sooner, to be on the safe side.