Aqueon Quiet Flow Filter Cartridges MED 3 PK


Aqueon Quiet Flow Filter Cartridges MED 3 PK: Your Solution for Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

Keep your aquatic environment pristine and your fish healthy with the Aqueon Quiet Flow Filter Cartridges MED 3 PK. Engineered with advanced technology, these replacement cartridges are designed to provide superior filtration performance. 

The cartridge features a dual-sided design, with dense-floss material that efficiently traps debris, and boasts over 25% more high-quality activated carbon than leading brands. This powerful combination ensures optimal water clarity by effectively removing impurities, odors, and discoloration.

Installing the Aqueon Replacement Filter Cartridges is a breeze. Simply rinse the cartridge under cold water to remove any carbon dust, and then align the cartridge's bottom key slot for a perfect fit inside the filter. Thanks to the convenient FRONT orientation tab, you can effortlessly position the cartridge for easy installation.

To maintain optimal performance, we recommend changing the cartridge approximately every 4 weeks. This ensures that your aquarium remains a thriving and healthy habitat for your beloved aquatic companions.

The Aqueon Quiet Flow Filter Cartridges MED 3 PK is compatible with various Aqueon QuietFlow filters, including LED PRO Power Filter Size 10, Power Filter Size 10, and E Internal Power Filter Size 20. With its precise fit and exceptional functionality, this cartridge guarantees an efficient and reliable filtration process.

For usage instructions, simply remove the used cartridge from the Bio-Holster(TM) grid by gently pushing down on the holster and pulling the tab upwards. Discard the used cartridge, but remember to leave the Bio-Holster(TM) grid intact, as it contains beneficial bacteria crucial for a healthy aquarium ecosystem. Rinse the new cartridge under cold water to eliminate any remaining carbon dust. Finally, insert the fresh cartridge into the Bio-Holster(TM) grid by aligning the key slot in the cartridge with the corresponding slot on the biological grid.

You can conveniently order the Aqueon Quiet Flow Filter Cartridges MED 3 PK online, or visit one of our local Zamzows pet supply stores located in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. At Aqueon, we are dedicated to providing you with a wide range of high-quality products, including fish tanks, filters, lighting, food, and other supplies essential for maintaining a thriving aquatic environment.

Take your aquarium hobby to the next level with Aqueon. Trust us to deliver innovative and exciting products that keep your fish happy and healthy. Order your Aqueon Quiet Flow Filter Cartridges MED 3 PK today and experience the difference it makes for your aquatic companions.