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Aqueon Quiet Flow E Replacement Filter XSM

Cartridge contains high quality activated carbon that keeps water clean
Installs in seconds: rinse first and align cartridge bottom key slot for an accurate fit inside the Filter
Easy installation using the FRONT orientation tab
For optimal performance, change approximately every 4 weeks
Fits Aqueon QuietFlow Filter: E Internal Power Filter Size 3
Use Instructions: Remove used cartridge from Bio-Holster(TM) grid by pushing down gently on the holster and pulling the tab on the cartridge upwards. Discard used cartridge. Bio-Holster (TM) grid should not be removed or cleaned, as it contains beneficial bacteria. Rinse nw cartridge under cold water ti remove carbon dust. Insert new cartridge into Bio-Holster(TM) gid by aligning the key slot in the cartridge with ley slot on the biological grid.