Zamzows Christmas Trees

Ever wonder where you can find a quality, old fashioned, Nordmann or Noble Fir Christmas Tree like you used to have as a kid? Look no further than any of our local Zamzows locations. All of our trees are quality and are sure to bring back the feelings you had as a child. We’ll even make a fresh cut at the base of the trunk so your tree is able to take in more water and stay hydrated through Christmas!

The Noble Fir

The Nobel fir is a classic Christmas tree that has been a staple at Zamzows for many years. Along with superior needle retention, it also has that classic Christmas tree smell! Nobel fir branches are strong and spaced out, so they will support heavy ornaments!

Zamzows Lawn Program customers get 10% OFF their tree!

The Nordmann Fir

The Nordman fir has been a popular Christmas tree in Europe for many years. Zamzows has been carrying them for almost ten years, and there is a reason we keep bringing them back. They have a very consistent shape and hold their needles forever. They aren't the most fragrant Christmas tree but, you won't be cleaning up fallen needles for weeks.