Oxbow Elife 2-in-1 Fitness Ball
Oxbow Elife 2-in-1 Fitness Ball

Oxbow Elife 2-in-1 Fitness Ball


Product Information

Oxbow Elife 2-in-1 Fitness Ball

Oxbow Elife 2-in-1 Fitness Ball, the ultimate tool to enrich your pet's daily routine! Crafted with the natural instincts of your furry friend in mind, this innovative fitness ball is a game-changer in pet care. Made from 100% pet-safe materials and boasting high-quality construction, it ensures both safety and durability for endless hours of play. Versatility is key with this product as it can be used in multiple ways: whether attached to its free-standing base for stability or detached for supervised play, your pet is guaranteed to stay engaged and entertained. Watch as your pet's instinctual behaviors of playing, exploring, and chewing are stimulated, promoting both physical activity and mental well-being. The Oxbow Elife 2-in-1 Fitness Ball is a must-have for any pet owner looking to provide their beloved companion with a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Available exclusively at local Zamzows locations, you can now easily access this fantastic product in-store. But that's not all – for added convenience, you can also order online and choose between convenient pickup or nationwide delivery options. So why wait? Elevate your pet's quality of life today with the Oxbow Elife 2-in-1 Fitness Ball!

  • High-quality construction
  • A versatile ball can be used in multiple ways
  • Comes with free standing base
  • Detach from base for use in safe, supervised environments
  • Supports your pet’s instinctual playing and exploring behaviors
  • Encourages physical activity