Kurgo Surf N Turf Yellow XLRG
Kurgo Surf N Turf Yellow XLRG

Kurgo Surf N Turf Yellow XLRG

Product Information

Kurgo Surf N Turf Yellow XLRG

Kurgo Surf N Turf Yellow XLRG: The Ultimate Dog Life Vest for Adventures

Looking for the perfect companion to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable during your outdoor escapades? Look no further than the Kurgo Surf N Turf Yellow XLRG, available at Zamzows. As Idaho's trusted pet supply store, we understand the importance of canine safety and the unforgettable memories created when exploring the beautiful landscapes with your beloved dog.

Designed by Kurgo, a renowned brand committed to crafting high-quality products, the Surf 'n Turf Life Vest is a must-have for any dog owner venturing near water. Whether you're heading to the beach or lake, this life vest should be the first thing you pack. Let's dive into its remarkable features!

Engineered for Canine Safety and Comfort:
Constructed with durable 400D and Ripstop materials, this life vest ensures your dog's protection in aquatic environments. Its neoprene liner enhances buoyancy and provides a snug fit, allowing your pup to move freely without compromising safety. The high contrast color and reflective accents make your furry friend visible, even in low-light conditions, providing an extra layer of security.

Tailored for a Perfect Fit:
The Kurgo Surf N Turf Yellow XLRG boasts three adjustment points with Nifco quick-release buckles, ensuring a secure and customizable fit for dogs of various sizes. The adjustable chest and belly straps allow you to achieve optimal comfort and support, promoting ease of movement during water activities.

Unmatched Versatility:
Not only does this life vest excel in water, but it also comes in handy in other situations. Equipped with two transverse handles, it allows for easy extraction from any predicament, be it aquatic or otherwise. Additionally, the vest features two metal D-rings, one of which doubles as a bottle opener, making it a multi-functional accessory for your adventurous outings.

Stylish and Practical:
Designed with an athletic cut and styling, the Surf 'n Turf combines fashion and functionality. Its streamlined flotation layer ensures maximum mobility while conserving your dog's energy, enabling longer and safer swims. Spot clean the vest to keep it in top condition, ready for your next adventure.

At Zamzows, we are dedicated to supporting dog owners who prioritize their pets' well-being during outdoor excursions. In addition to the Kurgo Surf 'n Turf, we offer a wide selection of dog supplies to enhance your furry friend's outdoor adventures. From premium food and tasty treats to essential first aid supplies, we have everything you need to make your outings with your dog unforgettable.

Visit Zamzows pet supply stores in Nampa, Meridian, and Boise to explore our extensive range of dog products. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in finding the perfect gear for your canine companion's safety and enjoyment. Get the Kurgo Surf N Turf Yellow XLRG and embark on exciting adventures with your furry friend today!
Sizing Chart
Size neck Chest Back
X-Small 9 -13 inches 14 - 20 inches 9.25 inches
Small  12 - 23 inches 18 - 25 inches 12.25 inches
Medium 18 - 27 inches 24 - 32 inches 17 inches
Large 24 - 31 inches 30 - 37 inches 18.5 inches
X-Large 28 - 39 inches 35 - 45 inches 20.5 inches