Catware Corrugated Sit N Scratch


Catware Corrugated Sit N Scratch: Your Feline's Ultimate Scratching and Lounging Haven

Discover the purr-fect solution for satisfying your cat's innate scratching instincts while providing them with a cozy spot to unwind. The Catware Corrugated Sit N Scratch is more than just a scratcher - it's a sanctuary for your beloved feline friend.

Economical and Irresistible: Crafted from premium corrugated cardboard, our Sit N Scratch is designed to capture your cat's attention and keep them entertained for hours. The textured surface is a feline magnet, inviting them to sink their claws into a satisfying scratching experience.

Double the Delight: With a thoughtfully designed two-sided layout, our Sit N Scratch is a haven for multi-cat households. Your furry companions can take turns indulging in their scratching and lounging desires, promoting harmonious living among your feline family members.

Instinctually Gratifying: Fulfilling your cat's primal urge to scratch, our Catware Corrugated Sit N Scratch helps maintain their claw health and prevent potential furniture damage. By providing a dedicated scratching space, you're fostering a content and happy environment for both your pet and your home.

Catnip Infusion: Elevate your cat's playtime to a whole new level by sprinkling some catnip onto the corrugated surface. Watch as your furry friend goes wild with delight, engaging in spirited play sessions and making memories you'll cherish forever.

Play and Nap Haven: Not only is our Sit N Scratch an enticing scratching haven, but it also doubles as a cozy napping spot. The textured surface provides a soothing sensation for your cat to curl up and relax, ensuring they have a serene sanctuary for their well-deserved catnaps.

Ordering is a breeze! You can conveniently order the Catware Corrugated Sit N Scratch online for local pick-up at select Zamzows cat supply centers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. For those outside the area, worry not - we offer nationwide delivery, bringing this feline paradise right to your doorstep.

Give your cat the gift of endless scratching delight and relaxation with the Catware Corrugated Sit N Scratch. Elevate their playtime, preserve your furniture, and provide them with a sanctuary they'll adore. Order now and treat your feline companion to the ultimate scratching and lounging experience!