Sterling Rescue Big Bag Fly Trap
Sterling Rescue Big Bag Fly Trap

Sterling Rescue Big Bag Fly Trap


Product Information

The Sterling Rescue Big Bag Fly Trap contains a fast-acting fly attractant that starts working as soon as you add water. Food and feed additives are combined with other dried ingredients to make the RESCUE! attractant. Lured by the scent, flies enter through the yellow top cap and drown in the water.

Unique Features & Benefits

• Controls flies around barns, stables, and animal pens

• Complete with fast-acting attractant

• Never touch the bait or flies

• Disposable when full 

• Holds up to 40,000 flies (yes, we counted them all!) 


Pet Safety

Our Fly Traps do not use any killing agents or poisons. They rely on luring flies with food and feed-grade ingredients, then trapping the flies until they expire on their own.


What It Catches

Get rid of flies and keep them away from you and your animals. The RESCUE! Big Bag Fly Trap gets rid of the flies most commonly found in agricultural areas -- including house flies, false stable flies, blow flies, blue and green bottle fliesflesh flies, face flies, and many others. 


Where To Hang It

All our water-based fly traps are for OUTDOOR USE ONLY. They control flies outside and keep them from getting indoors. We recommend hanging the trap around 20 feet away from home entrances and 20 feet away from patios or decks. 

Good locations for this trap:

  • Along a back fence or toward the back of your yard
  • Near a dog run or kennel 
  • Near garbage bins or dumpsters 
  • Near a compost pile 
  • Near a campsite 
  • In a barn with good air ventilation 
  • Around poultry, hogs, sheep, dairy, and beef cattle areas