Introducing Cats to One Another

Introducing Cats to One Another


It is very important when introducing a new cat into a home, which already has an existing cat, that you go about it very carefully. If not done properly, this could cause a lot of stress for you and your cats.


As in any situation when someone new is introduced into a family it should be done slowly and cautiously, always taking into consideration the cat that was there first. Cats are very territorial, some more than others, so to say exactly how long it will take for your older cat to accept your newer cat depends on the introduction process as well as your cat's tolerance.


Before you bring your new cat home, make sure you have a separate location to keep the cat away from any other pets you may have. You will need to do this for a few days so that the new cat can get used to you and the smells of your home, as well as give your older cats time to accept the new addition to the family. An extra bathroom or laundry room usually works well, someplace where there isn’t a lot of traffic, yet large enough that you can place a litter box and food dish along with the carrier you use to bring your cat home in.


Once you have brought your cat home and set up the extra litter box and bed, you can begin the introduction process. The new cat smell will be on you from bringing the new cat home. Simply go visit your other cat and let it smell you. Make sure you give lots of love to your original cat and reassurance that everything will be all right.

Trading Spaces

After a day or two of keeping your new cat in a separate room, it is time to switch locations of your cats. Bring the new cat out to see the rest of the house and let your older cat go into the spare room and smell the new cat for several hours each day for several days. This gives them a chance to smell each other without having the stress of one another around.

Make sure each cat during the introduction period gets ample treats and affection. We carry several different kinds of cat treats they would enjoy like Kitty Kaviar, Tuna Flakes, and Catnip all which will make your felines feel extra special.

Take it Slow

Once you have decided it is time to bring your cats together, only allow them small amounts of time until you are sure they are going to get along. Make sure that the cat that was their first doesn’t feel like they are being replaced. Give that one extra love and attention and space away from the newer cat. Soon they will be getting along just fine as long as they are not forced upon each other and given time to warm up to each other.


All in all, if you introduce your new cat properly to your older cat you should not have any problems with them getting along. Just remember that it takes time and patience and be sure to give them both extra love and attention.