Zamzows DefendZ

Important Application Information for Zamzows Defend Z. Crabgrass, goosegrass, and weed preventer.

Application Information

Mow First

Mow your lawn before applying lawn products.

Spreader Settings

Scotts Broadcast Spreaders - 2.75

Scotts Drop Spreaders - 3.5

Water After

Water for 15-30 minutes after application.

Identifying crabgrass and goosegrass


Crabgrass seed germinates in early to mid-spring. It can be identified by its red stems close to the soil. You can prevent crabgrass by applying Zamzows DefendZ Crabgrass Preventer in March.


Goosegrass germinates in late spring. It can be distinguished from crabgrass by the lack of red stems. Prevent goosegrass by applying Zamzows DefendZ Crabgrass Preventer in May.

Additional Reading

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