The One-Two Punch

Important application Information for Zamzows Thrive and Tree and Shrub insect control.

Application Information

Measure Your Tree

Using a tape or string, measure the diameter and circumference of your tree. You will need both.

Mix Products

Zamzows Thrive - add one cup of Zamzows Thrive fertilizer to one gallon of water for every inch of trunk diameter. Example: Trunk diameter equals 6 inches. Mix 6 cups of Zamzows Thrive with 6 gallons of water.

Zamzows Tree & Shrub - add one ounce of Zamzows Tree & Shrub Insect Control to one gallon of water for every inch of trunk circumference. Example: Trunk circumference equals 12 inches. Mix 12 ounce of Zamzows Tree & Shrub with 1 gallon of water.


Zamzows Thrive - apply your mixed Zamzows Thrive and water to the ground in the drip zone of your tree.

Zamzows Tree & Shrub - apply your mixed Zamzows Tree & Shrub at the root flare, where they trunk goes into the ground.

Learn how to apply Zamzows Tree & Shrub

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