Zamzows CompostTea

Zamzows CompostTea

Compost Tea Time

There comes a time in every gardening season when all the plants are planted.  All the vegetables tended.  This time of year comes so much faster than we ever realize.  For organic and natural gardeners the options for getting plants to put out that little extra is very limited. What if I could show you a way to feed your plants naturally and you would see miracle-like results?

What is Compost Tea?

Compost tea, while it looks a bit like tea, is a bit of a misnomer. Someone likely named it that because it’s brown liquid and it needs a little time to sit before it’s ready. But that’s really where the similarities end. In short, “brewing” compost tea is just combining good microbes with food, water, and oxygen and allowing time for soil microbes to rapidly replicate. Because soil microbes are so vast and diverse (bacteria, archaebacteria, fungi, protozoa, and more), every batch of compost tea will be different. That’s probably why there are so many articles written to try to nail down how to make it and what the benefits will be if you use it on your plants. It’s also why we have a hard time studying it and nailing down why it seems to give our plants such a big boost.

What are the benefits of Zamzows’ method of making compost tea?

  • You use your own inoculant (a scoop of good garden soil or composted leaves are great choices). This is easier and cheaper than buying someone else’s inoculant. Plus, by selecting soil from your garden or composted leaves/debris from your yard as an inoculant, you are growing microbes that are native to your yard/garden and it’s reasonable that they will do better.
  • Using Dr. JimZ Chicken Soup for the Soil as a “food” base for the tea will ensure that the microbes have everything they need to grow and multiply. Plus, your soil will get the benefit of the added minerals when you use the compost tea.
  • If directions are followed correctly (stir your batch often or add some hydrogen peroxide) our recipe will support the growth of aerobic microbes (the kind that thrives in compost).
  • It has a long track record of great results. We’ve been teaching Idahoans how to make Zamzows’ Compost Tea for decades and you can’t argue with their responses to how plants react.

Enter Zamzows Compost Tea.  One trait inherent in many natural and organic fertilizers is how slow they can be to start working. Natural fertilizers need the beneficial microbes living in the soil to break down their ingredients before the plants can begin using them.  There comes a time where our plants need food right now, and our natural products won't get it to them in time.If you’re curious about using compost tea on your plants or in your garden, we encourage you to try it for yourself and note what happens. Here is a link to a quick video showing you how to make Zamzows’ Compost Tea, using Dr. JimZ Chicken Soup for the Soil:  Watch Video