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Product Information

Zamzows Stay Put: The Ultimate Surfactant for Enhanced Garden Chemical Efficiency

Achieve exceptional results in your garden with Zamzows Stay Put, the premium surfactant that takes your herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides to the next level. With its innovative formula, Stay Put breaks down surface tension, allowing your garden chemicals to stick to leaves, spread evenly, and provide longer-lasting control. Don't settle for ordinary dish soaps containing detergents that can compromise the effectiveness of your pesticides. Choose Stay Put for superior adhesion and distribution, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimizing product waste.

Why Choose Zamzows Stay Put?

1. Unmatched Effectiveness: By reducing surface tension, Stay Put ensures that your herbicides and insecticides adhere to the waxy surfaces of weeds and plants. Experience enhanced performance and control with each application.

2. Reduce Usage: With Stay Put, you can optimize the efficacy of your existing products, reducing the number of insecticides and herbicides required for effective treatment. Say goodbye to unnecessary chemical usage.

3. Biodegradable Solution: Zamzows Stay Put is an environmentally conscious choice. Our biodegradable formula ensures that you can achieve exceptional results without compromising the health of your garden or the planet.

Directions for Use:

1. Prepare your spray tank by adding other spray materials and thoroughly mixing them.
2. Once the other materials are mixed, add Stay Put as a finished spray additive. Mix 2 tablespoons of Stay Put with 10 parts water to create the finished spray additive.
3. Add the finished material according to the following rates:
   - Insecticides and Fungicides on Fruits, Vegetables, and Ornamental Plants: 2 Tbsp./gallon
   - Herbicides: 2 Tbsp./gallon; Defoliants: 3 Tbsp./gallon

Recommended Usage and Availability:

Zamzows Stay Put is compatible with a wide range of chemical pesticides, but it works exceptionally well with Zamzows Ultimate Lawn Weed Control. For guaranteed results, combine these two products and experience unparalleled control over weeds in your lawn. To purchase Zamzows Stay Put, visit our website and place your order online. Alternatively, you can find Zamzows Stay Put at any of our 13 Zamzows Garden Centers, including our conveniently located Nampa, Boise, and Meridian locations.

Enhance the effectiveness of your garden chemicals with Zamzows Stay Put. Maximize your yields, reduce waste, and achieve a healthier garden with our premium surfactant. Order now and unlock the potential of your pesticides like never before.

Not for sale in California.

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Charles C.

Used this product on my clover and it worked perfectly although it didn't kill a different type of clover im trying to identify.