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Zamzows Seedling Grow

Jim Zamzow's Seedling Grow was developed to jump-start your seedlings! When you plant seedlings, you want them to be strong and healthy for when you transplant them into the garden. Jim Zamzow's Seedling Grow was developed to jump-start your seedlings!

Growing seedlings can present many challenges. Seedling Grow will help you succeed with your seedling transfers. Seedling Grow works to increase root production. It will fortify your seedling so that when it comes time to transplant, your plant is healthy and strong.

Jim Zamzow's Seedling Grow contains a unique mineral pack that will give you a much healthier plant overall. Producing a plant with a deep green leaf and a thicker/stronger stem. Using a foliar application on seedlings versus a soil application decreases the odds of developing a fungal disease called "Dampening Off" which can be common with new seedlings.

Just mist all of your plants with Seedling Grow every week until you transplant them into the garden. You have Jim Zamzow's word on it,  "Seedling Grow was specially formulated for ensuring success in growing all varieties of seeds. Alkaline soil can present several challenges to growth. Our proprietary formula lets you succeed where others fail or your money back!" 

Jim Zamzow's exclusive formula, (a proprietary extract of seaweed and minerals) will feed and nourish your plants to make them strong and healthy. We guarantee your success or we'll give you your money back!

Since 1933, when it comes to helping gardeners grow better, "Nobody knows like Zamzows!"