Yard Butler Terra Tiller
Yard Butler Terra Tiller

Yard Butler Terra Tiller


Product Information

Yard Butler Terra Tiller One tool, infinite uses.

Your new best friend in the garden. This tool has what you need, whenever you need it. The three-pronged cultivator loosens and tills your soil, bringing rich dirt to the surface to nourish your plantings. Give it a twist and you have a second superstar in your hand: a sharp beveled hoe to cut, trench, and hack. You'll have your garden under control in no time with the Terra Tiller.

  • DUAL action head: 3-pronged cultivator and beveled edge
  • COMFORT grip, lightweight steel, and ideal 15-inch length provide strength and leverage without feeling heavy in the hand.
  • POWDER COATED STEEL is heavy-duty and rust-resistant.