Yard Butler Terra Planter
Yard Butler Terra Planter

Yard Butler Terra Planter


Product Information

Yard Butler Terra Planter is so good you just might need to keep it under lock and key.

Neighbors, spouses, and professional landscapers alike find themselves hooked at first use of the Terra Planter. This all-purpose wonder tool is virtually indestructible, yet feels light and comfortable in the hand. You'll feel like a garden superhero as you chop through roots, cut into clay, and pry up rocks with ease. Creating the garden of your dreams has never been easier.

  • DUAL action head: pick and spade.
  • COMFORT grip, lightweight steel, and ideal 15-inch length provide strength and leverage without feeling heavy in the hand.
  • POWDER COATED STEEL is rust-resistant and heavy-duty. The heat-treated steel is completely welded to the handle for maximum strength and quality.