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QT Buffalo Horn Section
QT Buffalo Horn Section

QT Buffalo Horn Section


Product Information

Give your canine friend a 100% natural treat with QT Dog Buffalo Hornz Water Buffalo Hornz Sections! A single ingredient, made from only water buffalo horn. This long-lasting treat is high in protein, low in fat, and is a safe alternative to rawhide treats. Not only will your dog enjoy chomping down on this tasty treat, but it will also naturally help remove tartar and build-up, promoting healthy gums, teeth and overall dental health! While he enjoys chewing to his heart's content, you can enjoy the fact that your dog will also benefit from a calcium and phosphorus boost from this natural bone chew! Give your dog a treat you both can feel good about! Simply unwrap and let your pup go to town! Our Sections are from the center of the horn with the natural point cut off.