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Oasis Vita-drops 2 OZ - Guinea Pig

Ingredients: Water; Sodium Ascorbate; Orange Oil; FD&C Yellow 6

Oasis Vita-Drops Concentrated High Potency PURE C for Guinea Pigs is high-quality safe and reliable stabilized Vitamin C product for easy every-day use. The product is formulated using liquid stabilized Vitamin C with no other added vitamins or elements and is suitable for Guinea Pigs of all breeds sizes and life stages.

Guinea Pigs (cavies) need daily Vitamin C because like humans Guinea Pigs cannot make their own Vitamin C and must consume it fresh daily. Lack of daily Vitamin C causes the disease known as scurvy which is painful and possibly fatal but is also easily treatable and preventable by using Vita-Drops Pure C.

Vitamin C supplementation is needed for Guinea Pigs becasue 1) it takes more fresh food than you would think to provide sufficient daily Vitamin C and 2) Vitamin C oxidizes easily in dry feed formulas. Easy to follow instructions give proper doses - 2 ounce bottle with dropper cap.