Loft Chili Red Charcoal SM


Loft Chili Red Charcoal SM 

Loft Chili Red Charcoal SM, the quintessential all-weather insulated jacket that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Adventure beckons every day, and this versatile jacket is up to the task, ensuring your canine companion is ready for any escapade, from spirited sprints to leisurely strolls. Its athletic cut and styling provide the perfect fit for dogs on the move, striking a balance between comfort and performance.

Designed to tackle sunny days, rainy weather, and everything in between, this jacket boasts a reversible design and a 2-way zipper for easy access to harnesses and collars. Crafted with Microtomic Ripstop material and polytech fill, it offers durability and insulation for diverse climates. Two side adjustment points with hook and loop material ensure a snug fit, while water-resistant properties keep your furry friend dry. Reflective accents add an extra layer of safety during low-light adventures.

The Loft Chili Red Charcoal SM is not just a practical choice; it's a stylish one too. With multiple color options, each jacket is reversible, allowing your pet to make a fashion statement while staying cozy. Maintenance is a breeze with machine wash gentle or hand wash, followed by air drying.

Available exclusively at your local Zamzows locations, this exceptional jacket is within reach. Customers can either visit the store or conveniently order online for in-store pickup or nationwide delivery. Elevate your dog's daily adventures with the Loft Chili Red Charcoal SM – the epitome of canine comfort and style. Adventure awaits!
Size Neck (A) Chest (B) Back (C)*
X-Small 14 in (36cm) 15 - 20 in (38-51 cm) 10 in (25 cm)
Small 16 in (41 cm) 19 - 27 in (48 - 69cm) 13 ¼ in (34cm)
Medium 19 in (48 cm) 26 - 35 in (66 - 89 cm) 19 ¾ in (50 cm)
Large 23 in (58cm) 30 - 39 in (76 - 99 cm) 22 ½ in (57 cm)
X-Large 26 in (66cm) 35 - 45 in (89 - 114cm) 27 in (69 cm)

* Back coverage (C) will vary. It's more important to measure to fit neck (A) and chest (B).