Kurgo Duty Bag Red
Kurgo Duty Bag Red

Kurgo Duty Bag Red


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Kurgo Duty Bag Red

Kurgo Duty Bag Red: The Perfect Companion for Your Outdoor Adventures with Your Furry Friend

Discover the ultimate solution for keeping your outdoor excursions with your beloved canine companion clean and hassle-free—the Kurgo Duty Bag Red. Zamzows is proud to carry this top-quality product line from Kurgo, a brand committed to supporting dog owners who prioritize their pets' safety and comfort during outdoor escapades.

Idaho boasts an abundance of breathtaking locations waiting to be explored, and what better way to embark on these adventures than with your loyal four-legged friend? At Zamzows, we understand the importance of canine safety and the special bond created when you include your pet in your outdoor activities. That's why we proudly offer the Kurgo Duty Bag Red—a reliable and convenient solution to keep your furry friend's waste management in check.

No more resorting to makeshift tools like old leaves or discarded candy bar wrappers to handle your dog's waste. The Duty Bag is specifically designed to ensure you're always prepared. Compatible with both flat and rope-style leashes, as well as backpacks, this versatile bag attaches effortlessly and features a built-in hook to securely hold used bags until you find a suitable trash can.

With the Duty Bag, you can bid farewell to awkward situations and rookie mistakes. It accommodates all standard-size waste bag rolls (measuring 32x22cm) and comes pre-loaded with a roll of 15 plant-based waste bags, providing you with a convenient supply to tackle any outdoor situation.

Designed for convenience and ease of use, the Duty Bag's universal design allows it to attach seamlessly to various leash styles or pack straps. Its thoughtfully crafted hook ensures that used waste bags stay securely in place, preventing any unpleasant mishaps during your adventures.

Not only does the Duty Bag offer practicality, but it also prioritizes durability. Made with high-quality materials, this bag can withstand regular use. When it's time for cleaning, simply remove the bags and machine wash gently or hand wash them. Afterward, air dry for maximum longevity.

At Zamzows, we're passionate about supporting you and your furry friend on your outdoor expeditions. That's why we also offer an extensive range of dog supplies tailored to enhance and safeguard your adventures. From premium food and delectable treats to essential first aid supplies, we've got you covered.

Experience the Kurgo Duty Bag Red and explore our full selection of dog supplies at Zamzows pet supply stores located in Nampa, Meridian, and Boise. Trust Zamzows to equip you with the finest products for a safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable outdoor experience with your furry companion.