Kurgo Door Guard Black
Kurgo Door Guard Black

Kurgo Door Guard Black

Product Information

Kurgo Door Guard Black

Kurgo Door Guard Black: Protecting Your Car Doors While Keeping Your Canine Companion Safe and Comfortable

At Zamzows, we understand the bond between you and your furry friend. That's why we proudly offer the Kurgo Door Guard Black, a remarkable addition to our line of dog products from the trusted brand, Kurgo. Designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable during your outdoor adventures, this innovative car door guard is a must-have for any dog owner in Idaho's stunning landscape.

Say goodbye to worrying about your dog's playful antics on the car door. The Kurgo Door Guard Black provides an effective solution to protect your car doors from your dog's enthusiastic clawing. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the simple tabs that effortlessly slide between the window and the door panel.

Key Features:
1. Waterproof and Stain Resistant: Made to withstand the muddiest paws, this door guard ensures your car stays clean and spotless.
2. Adjustable Size: With a range of 23" to 28" wide and 18" tall, it easily fits most car doors, accommodating various vehicle types.
3. Ample Storage Pocket: Loaded with a spacious storage pocket, the Kurgo Door Guard Black allows you to keep your dog's travel essentials within reach, ensuring a hassle-free journey.
4. Enhanced Security: The new locking tabs provide added security, ensuring that the Door Guard stays securely in place throughout your adventures.
5. Premium Durability and Traction: The top edge of the guard is equipped with Rufftex, a durable and textured material that offers exceptional durability and traction.

Product Information:
Each package includes two Door Guards, allowing you to safeguard both car doors effectively. Please note that this product is not recommended for BMWs or vehicles with Auto Arrest windows or Film Tinted Windows. To maintain its pristine condition, spot clean or hand wash the guard and let it air dry.

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Choose the Kurgo Door Guard Black for a worry-free and enjoyable journey with your four-legged companion. Visit your nearest Zamzows pet supply store today or explore our website to discover more high-quality products designed to enhance your dog's outdoor experiences.