Hydrologic 1 Zone Water Timer


Melnor® Hydrologic® 1-Zone Digital Water Timer – the ultimate solution for effortless and efficient garden watering. With up to four selectable start times, this innovative device allows you to customize your watering schedule with ease. Whether you prefer specific days of the week or intervals, the Hydrologic® Water Timer offers unparalleled flexibility to suit your garden's unique needs.

Featuring a large LCD screen, the Hydrologic® Digital Water Timer provides clear and concise information, ensuring you have complete control over your watering routine. Its user-friendly design includes a manual function, allowing you to override the schedule when necessary, be it for car washing or deck cleaning.

Worried about unnecessary water consumption? The Hydrologic® Water Timer has you covered with its rain delay feature, intelligently pausing the watering schedule for up to seven days. This ensures that you conserve water during rainy periods, contributing to both eco-consciousness and cost-effectiveness.

Now available at your local Zamzows locations, the Hydrologic® 1-Zone Water Timer is easily accessible for all your gardening needs. For added convenience, customers can order online and opt for in-store pickup or nationwide delivery. Make watering your garden a breeze with the Melnor® Hydrologic® Digital Water Timer – the perfect blend of efficiency and convenience for the modern gardener.