Entry Liquid Ice Melt 1 GAL


Entry Liquid Ice Melt 1 GAL: Your Ultimate Winter Solution

Say goodbye to traditional chloride-based ice melts and embrace the future of snow and ice removal with Entry® Liquid Ice Melt. As the only ice melt on the market awarded the prestigious GreenSeal Certification, Entry® sets a new standard for safety, effectiveness, and environmental consciousness.

Key Features:
1. Eco-Friendly Excellence: Entry® is proud to be the ONLY Green Seal Certified ice melt available. By choosing Entry®, you're making a powerful statement for a healthier planet.
2. Clean and Tidy: Tired of salt residue being tracked into your home? With Entry®, you won't have that problem. Our liquid formula leaves no mess behind, ensuring your floors stay spotless.
3. Home Safe and Sound: Protect your property with Entry®. Our chloride-free formula minimizes damage to metals and concrete, ensuring your investments remain in top-notch condition.
4. Unmatched Cold Tolerance: Don't let frigid temperatures slow you down. Entry® works effortlessly even in extreme cold, with an impressive effectiveness at temperatures as low as -63°F/-53°C.
5. Pet-Friendly Perfection: Keep your furry friends' paws safe and comfortable. Entry® is certified pet-safe and won't cause discomfort or harm.
6. Rapid Action: Watch as Entry® gets to work immediately, swiftly melting away ice and snow, providing safety and peace of mind.
7. Lawn and Plant-Friendly: Unlike traditional ice melts that can dehydrate soil and harm plants, Entry® is designed to be gentle on your green spaces, ensuring a healthy landscape.
8. Cost-Effective Choice: Get more bang for your buck. Entry® allows you to melt more per gallon, providing superior coverage and value.

Ordering Options:
Entry® Liquid Ice Melt 1 GAL is conveniently available for online ordering. For those in the Boise, Meridian, and Nampa areas, select Zamzows garden supply centers offer local pick-up. Nationwide delivery is also available, ensuring that no matter where you are, you can experience the benefits of Entry®.

Make the smart choice for your family, your pets, and the planet. Choose Entry® Liquid Ice Melt and redefine your winter experience. Embrace safety, sustainability, and effectiveness in one revolutionary product.