Dramm Rain Select Wand Red 9 Pattern 30 IN
Dramm Rain Select Wand Red 9 Pattern 30 IN

Dramm Rain Select Wand Red 9 Pattern 30 IN


Product Information

Dramm Rain Select Wand Red 9 Pattern 30 IN: Your Ultimate Watering Companion

Revolutionize your watering routine with the RainSelect™ Rain Wand™. Crafted for efficiency and water conservation, this versatile wand offers nine distinct patterns, catering to the unique needs of your plants. From delicate seedlings to robust blooms, our RainSelect ensures precise watering every time.

Key Features:
1. Nine Unique Watering Patterns: Seamlessly switch between Sweeper, Jet, Shower, Mist, Flood, Cone, Flat, and more. Customized watering has never been this effortless.
2. Thumb Control Shut-off Valve: Say goodbye to hand strain. With a simple touch of your thumb, you have complete control over water flow, making your watering tasks a breeze.
3. Efficient Water Usage: The RainSelect is engineered to save water while delivering nourishment from one plant to the next. Conserve resources without compromising on plant health.
4. Durable Construction: Made from spacecraft-grade aluminum alloy, this wand is both lightweight and built to last. The impact-resistant plastic and brass components guarantee years of reliable service.
5. Comfort Foam Grip: Experience comfortable handling during extended watering sessions. The ergonomic design ensures a snug fit in your hand.
6. Vibrant Color Options: Choose from an array of striking colors. Never lose sight of your wand in the garden again. Available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and berry.
7. Local Pickup and Nationwide Delivery: Order online for convenient pickup at select Zamzows garden supply centers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. We also offer nationwide delivery for your convenience.

Versatile Applications:
- Gardens: Give your plants the care they deserve, from delicate blooms to hardy shrubs.
- Greenhouse Plants: Ensure your greenhouse thrives with precise and efficient watering.
- Landscapes: Maintain the beauty of your outdoor space with tailored watering patterns.
- Trees and Shrubs: Provide targeted hydration for healthy, flourishing growth.

- Spacecraft Grade Aluminum Alloy
- Impact Resistant Plastic
- Brass
- Comfort Foam

Invest in the RainSelect Rain Wand for a lifetime of exceptional watering experiences. Coordinate it with Dramm’s ColorStorm™ Premium Rubber Hose for a complete watering solution.

Upgrade your watering routine today and experience the Dramm difference. Order now for lush, thriving plants and a garden that stands out!