Dr Jim Z Bokashi 2 LB
Dr Jim Z Bokashi 2 LB

Dr Jim Z Bokashi 2 LB


Product Information

Dr. Jim Z Bokashi 2 LB: Your Key to Natural Composting and Nutrient-Rich Soil

Unlock the ancient Japanese secret of transforming organic matter into a powerhouse of nutrients with Dr. JimZ Bokashi 2 LB. Derived from the term "bokashi," meaning "fermenting organic matter" in Japanese, this innovative product revolutionizes the way you handle kitchen scraps and food waste in your own home.

At Zamzows, we're proud to be at the forefront of offering this exceptional gardening solution to enthusiasts across Idaho. Our commitment to providing unique and effective products has led us to introduce Dr. JimZ Bokashi, a specially crafted inoculating starter blend of 14 beneficial bacteria, yeasts, and trace minerals. This carefully curated blend kick-starts the fermentation process, transforming your waste into a nutrient-rich compost that your plants will thrive on.

But we don't stop there. We want to ensure that you have everything you need to begin your own Bokashi system right away. That's why we offer the Bernie Zamzow Wonder Bucket and Gamma Seal Lid, the perfect companions to Dr. JimZ Bokashi. The Wonder Bucket provides a convenient and durable container for collecting your kitchen scraps, while the Gamma Seal Lid creates an airtight seal, preventing any unpleasant odors or leaks. With this comprehensive setup, you'll have all the essentials to embark on your Bokashi journey with confidence.

Dr. JimZ Bokashi makes composting a breeze, allowing you to recycle your waste while creating a sustainable source of organic fertilizer. Loaded with essential nutrients and beneficial bacteria, this compost will invigorate your soil, promoting healthy plant growth and maximizing yields.

What sets Dr. JimZ Bokashi apart is its freshness and activity. Produced locally in our plant, this Bokashi is made with the utmost care, ensuring its potency and effectiveness. You can trust that each batch is crafted with precision, giving you a reliable product that delivers exceptional results.

Curious to learn more about Bokashi and its remarkable benefits? Dive into our in-depth article titled "What is Bokashi? Why You Should Start Some Now!" Here, you'll uncover the wonders of this natural composting method and understand why it's the ideal choice for environmentally conscious gardeners like yourself. 

To further enhance your understanding of Bokashi and its incredible potential, we invite you to tune in to our informative podcast episode dedicated to this topic. In this episode, our gardening experts delve into the fascinating world of Bokashi, sharing insights, tips, and success stories. Discover the secrets to harnessing the power of Bokashi by clicking here.

Dr. JimZ Bokashi 2 LB is available for purchase on our website, allowing you to conveniently bring this transformative product into your home. Additionally, you can find it at any of our 13 Treasure Valley garden centers, where our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with any questions or guidance you may need.