Dalen Harvest-Guard Premium 10 x 12 FT
Dalen Harvest-Guard Premium 10 x 12 FT

Dalen Harvest-Guard Premium 10 x 12 FT


Product Information

All-purpose protection blanket against Frost, Insects, Birds, and Heavy Rain. 


Product Benefits:









Whether you want to keep your garden bed warm in the winters, protect against insects and birds, or speed up the germination process for seeds, Harvest Guard garden fabric row covers have you covered.

Harvest Guard plant winter blanket helps keep frost, hail, snow, and chilly winds away from your plants. The row covers for winter can be used as a single layer to protect plants in 29 degrees and as a double layer for protection in 26 degrees.


Why is this product for you?

  • PROTECT YOUR PLANTS: Our floating row covers for vegetables and fruits are made to provide you with a simple and easy way to keep your plants warm even in harsh weather conditions including snow, hail, winter frost, and intense sunlight exposure.
  • WARM & SHIELD CROPS: Besides being the perfect choice to keeping plants warm, our frost protection fabric cover can also be used to trap heat and moisture to create a safe environment for your plants while promoting seed germination for faster yields.
  • REUSABLE & BREATHABLE: The frost blankets for outdoor plants are made using non-woven fabric that allows sunlight and air to pass through. They are made right here in the USA using only carefully chosen materials from US suppliers. They are reusable to provide protection for your plants year after year.
  • GET THE RIGHT FIT: The floating fabric plant cover for gardens and lawns are larger to cover most crop fields. You can easily cut our outdoor plant covers for winter to wrap them around small bushes or use them on multiple small crop patches.
  • VERSATILE & MULTI-PURPOSE: The plant row cover & frost blanket is designed to float over crops without any support to help keep them warm while protecting against frost, insects, and birds making it perfect for growing plants like pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages, lemons, and more.

Harvest Guard's protective garden covers ensure the protection of your plans from insects, cold weather and birds. Our plant protectors for winter offer just the right air, light, and water permeability to promote a safer environment for your plants while helping trap heat and moisture to speed up germination to improve crop yield.

The cold weather blanket for plants can be reused throughout the year and features a floating design to protect your plants, seedbeds, bushes, fruits, and vegetables from insects, birds, and the weather without coming in contact with them. The breathable cover prevents plants from overheating but provides them with enhanced protection from unfavorable weather conditions.


Some amazing features of this product:

  • Reusable and suitable for use in any season to keep plants safe;
  • Large size provides more coverage in your garden;
  • Covers can be cut to provide a customized fit for your plants;
  • Helps produce bigger crops and shortens the yield time for fruits and vegetables