Citrus Meyer Lemon 6 IN
Citrus Meyer Lemon 6 IN

Citrus Meyer Lemon 6 IN


Product Information

Citrus Meyer Lemon 6 IN – a vibrant and fragrant addition to your indoor greenery collection! Please note that the availability of this delightful plant may vary from store to store. To secure this unique specimen for your home, we recommend reaching out to us directly.

Ideal for both beginners and seasoned plant keepers, the Citrus Meyer Lemon is a versatile and rewarding choice. This plant thrives in well-lit spaces, so place it in a spot where it can bask in bright, indirect sunlight. For beginners, the Meyer Lemon provides a forgiving and enjoyable gardening experience, while seasoned plant enthusiasts will appreciate the challenge of nurturing its growth.

When it comes to care, ensure the soil is consistently moist but well-draining. Water the plant thoroughly when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Keep an eye on its moisture levels, adjusting your watering routine based on the specific conditions of your home environment.

As for light, the Citrus Meyer Lemon prefers at least 6-8 hours of indirect sunlight per day. A sunny windowsill or a well-lit room would be an excellent choice for this citrus gem.

Remember, due to the fluctuating availability of this particular plant, we recommend contacting us directly to inquire about its current stock. Elevate your indoor garden with the Citrus Meyer Lemon 6 IN – a delightful touch of freshness and fragrance for your home!