Chuckit JR Launcher MED 18 IN
Chuckit JR Launcher MED 18 IN

Chuckit JR Launcher MED 18 IN


Product Information

Chuckit JR Launcher MED 18 IN - Your Ultimate Fetch Companion!

Upgrade your dog's playtime to a whole new level with the Chuckit JR Launcher MED 18 IN. Whether you have a smaller yard or a pup that prefers shorter distances, this ball launcher is tailor-made for joyful fetch sessions. Say goodbye to tiresome bending and messy hands – unleash the power of precise, long-range throws effortlessly.

Key Features:
  • Enhanced Distance: With a generous 18-inch length, our Chuckit JR Launcher takes your throws farther, faster, providing boundless fun for your energetic canine friend.
  • Perfect Precision: Experience the thrill of controlled launches as the durable plastic launcher securely grips the ball, ensuring accurate and consistent throws every time.
  • Hands-Free Pickup: Bid farewell to slobbery balls and mucky hands. The Chuckit JR Launcher boasts an ergonomic grip and ingenious design for convenient, no-slobber, hands-free ball retrieval.
  • Vibrant Assorted Colors: Brighten up your play sessions with a splash of color! Our Chuckit JR Launcher comes in assorted vibrant shades, adding an exciting visual element to your furry friend's playtime.
  • Bonus Chuckit! Ball Included: Every Chuckit JR Launcher MED 18 IN comes complete with a Chuckit! ball, making it an all-inclusive package for instant fetching action.

Proudly Made in the USA: Rest assured knowing your purchase supports local craftsmanship and quality. The Chuckit JR Launcher MED 18 IN is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Convenient Ordering Options:
Local Pick-Up: Order online and conveniently pick up your Chuckit JR Launcher MED 18 IN at select Zamzows pet supply centers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. Experience seamless shopping with our hassle-free local pick-up service.

Nationwide Delivery: Don't let distance come between you and hours of fetch fun! We offer nationwide delivery, ensuring that pet owners across the country can enjoy the Chuckit JR Launcher MED 18 IN.

Elevate playtime and forge unforgettable bonding moments with your four-legged companion. Embrace the Chuckit JR Launcher MED 18 IN and witness the magic of fetch like never before. Order now and embark on a journey of endless fetch adventures!