Catit Creamy Treat Tube  Chicken and Liver 12 PK
Catit Creamy Treat Tube  Chicken and Liver 12 PK

Catit Creamy Treat Tube Chicken and Liver 12 PK

Product Information

Catit Creamy, is the perfect nutritious and hydrating snack that will delight your feline friend! Keeping your cat hydrated is crucial for maintaining optimal kidney function and digestion, and Catit Creamy is here to make it both delicious and easy. Available in four irresistible flavors โ€“ Chicken & Liver, Chicken & Shrimp, Salmon, and Tuna โ€“ this hydrating cat treat is crafted with fresh, all-natural ingredients packed with essential nutrients.

Our Catit Creamy is not only a tasty indulgence for your cat but also a health-conscious choice. It boasts high protein content, rich in essential amino acids to support your cat's overall well-being. Each package includes 12 convenient tubes of Catit Creamy, providing your cat with a variety of flavors to keep mealtime exciting.

Whether your cat enjoys it on its own or as a delightful topping for dry food, Catit Creamy is sure to be a hit. The Variety Pack offers a mix of Chicken and liver, Salmon, and Tuna flavors, catering to your cat's discerning palate.

Exciting news for all cat lovers โ€“ Catit Creamy is available at your local Zamzows locations! For added convenience, you can also order online and choose between easy pick-up or nationwide delivery. Treat your feline companion to the irresistible flavors of Catit Creamy and ensure they stay hydrated and happy.