Barley Extract 32 OZ


Introducing Barley Extract 32 OZ: The Ultimate Pond Solution for Clarity and Balance
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Experience unparalleled clarity and perfect pond balance with our CrystalClear Barley Extract. Our premium liquid barley concentrate outperforms traditional barley pellets and messy straw bales, delivering faster and cleaner results for your pond. Say goodbye to murky water and time-consuming maintenance, and say hello to a pristine and harmonious aquatic environment.

Why choose CrystalClear Barley Extract?

1. Speed and Efficiency: Unlike slow-acting barley straw fermentation, our Barley Extract is meticulously fermented under ideal conditions. This captures the potent, all-natural barley extract, ready to work its magic immediately upon application. No waiting, no mess—just quick and effective results.

2. Year-Round Efficacy: Barley Extract is your natural solution for maintaining a clean and balanced pond throughout the year. With its powerful liquid concentration, it works swiftly to eliminate unwanted particles and promote water clarity. Enjoy the benefits of barley straw without the hassle or delays.

3. Versatility and Convenience: With Barley Extract, you have the freedom to choose between routine maintenance or tackling persistent problems. Apply every two weeks for regular care or double the dose and use weekly if your pond water is turbid. Achieve the desired clarity and maintain it effortlessly.

Application Instructions:

- Routine Application Rate: Apply Barley Extract every two weeks to keep your pond in pristine condition.

- Persistent Problem Application Rate: If your pond water is turbid, double the dose and use weekly until the water clears. Afterwards, switch back to the routine application every two weeks for easy maintenance.

For Optimal Results:

To ensure proper dispersion of the product, apply Barley Extract to an area of your pond with the highest water flow. This allows for effective and even distribution, maximizing the results.

Safe for All:

Rest easy knowing that Barley Extract is entirely safe for use with fish, plants, birds, and domestic animals that drink from your pond. No need to worry about harming your beloved aquatic life while maintaining a clean and balanced environment.

Order Online or Visit Our Zamzows Pet Supply Stores:

Barley Extract 32 OZ can be conveniently ordered online, making it accessible to pond enthusiasts nationwide. Alternatively, you can find our product at any of our local Zamzows pet supply stores located in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. Choose the option that suits you best and embark on your journey towards a crystal-clear pond today.

Unleash the power of CrystalClear Barley Extract and transform your pond into a captivating oasis of clarity and balance. Order now and experience the extraordinary results firsthand.