Barley Extract 16 OZ
Barley Extract 16 OZ

Barley Extract 16 OZ

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Barley Extract 16 OZ - The Natural Solution for a Clear and Balanced Pond
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Achieve crystal-clear pond water, improve water quality, and restore pond balance effortlessly with our premium Barley Extract. This highly effective liquid concentrate surpasses the performance of traditional barley pellets or barley straw bales, providing you with faster and cleaner results.

Unlike the slow and messy fermentation process of barley straw, our Barley Extract captures the power of natural barley extract in a convenient bottle. No more waiting until spring or dealing with the hassle of handling barley products. With our product, you can experience immediate results without the mess.

Maintaining a clean and balanced pond all year round has never been easier. Barley Extract is the ultimate solution, outperforming barley pellets and cumbersome barley straw bales. Its potent formula works fast, ensuring your pond stays in pristine condition. Say goodbye to the wait and the mess, and embrace the convenience of Barley Extract.

Application is a breeze. Simply apply our Barley Extract every two weeks for routine maintenance. If you're facing persistent turbidity issues, double the dose and apply weekly until your water becomes clear. Afterward, resume regular use every two weeks for easy upkeep.

For optimal dispersion and maximum effectiveness, apply Barley Extract to an area of your pond with the most water flow. This ensures thorough distribution of the product, delivering exceptional results throughout your pond.

Rest assured, Barley Extract is safe for use with fish, plants, birds, and domestic animals that drink from your pond. There are no restrictions, providing you with peace of mind while maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Order Barley Extract conveniently online or visit any of our local Zamzows pet supply stores located in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. Experience the transformative power of Barley Extract and enjoy a clear and balanced pond like never before.

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