A Pup Above Frozen Chicka Chicka Bow Wow 7 LB


A Pup Above Frozen Chicka Chicka Bow Wow 7 pounds, a revolutionary dog food that redefines freshness, quality, and sustainability. Crafted with care, we believe that what goes into your pup's bowl matters, which is why we're committed to 100% human-grade ingredients, sourced from farmers with rigorous animal welfare standards. Say goodbye to GMOs, steroids, antibiotics, and hormones—our non-GMO produce and meat ensure a pure, wholesome meal for your furry friend. Embracing the beauty of "ugly" produce and upcycled ingredients, we're on a mission to reduce waste and make a positive impact on our planet.

At A Pup Above, we're pioneers in sustainable packaging, using 100% recyclable materials to combat the alarming 300 million lbs of plastic waste from pet food bags each year. Our sous-vide cooking method is the secret behind the unrivaled nutrient retention. Unlike traditional high-heat cooking, our process preserves every vital vitamin, nutrient, and protein, ensuring your pup gets the very best.

Every batch of our sous-vide dog food undergoes rigorous testing for pathogens in our USDA inspected facility, providing peace of mind for both your kitchen and your pup. With a guaranteed analysis of 12.8% crude protein and 5.3% crude fat, along with a moisture content of 69.2%, A Pup Above offers a balanced, nutritious meal for your furry companion. Plus, with an impressive taurine content of 0.10%, you can trust that your pup is getting the vital nutrients they need.

Available exclusively at select Zamzows pet supply stores and for convenient local pickup when ordered online, A Pup Above Frozen Chicka Chicka Bow Wow is a game-changer in fresh dog food. Please note that shipping is not available for this product, as it must remain frozen to preserve its quality. Elevate your pup's mealtime experience with the gentle, sous-vide cooked goodness they deserve. Visit your nearest Zamzows dog supply store today or order online for a fresh start in pet nutrition.