Zamzows Pet Safe Lawn Care

Zamzows is your home for worry-free lawn care products. For over 90 years we've formulated naturally based products that give you a green and healthy lawn without the worry of harming your kids and pets!

Feeding Your Lawn

A healthy lawn needs healthy soil. Zamzows lawn feeds are formulated for soils in the Treasure Valley. We belive the best defense against weeds, bugs, and disease is to feed properly. When you use Zamzows lawn foods, you get a deep green and healthy lawn naturally, without the worry of national-brand chemical fertilizers.

Controlling Weeds

When you have a lawn, you'll deal with some weeds. There are many ways to control weeds in your grass. When looking for weed control with your pets in mind, your options are more limited. Zamzows has several worry-free ways to control weeds in your lawn and garden.