Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate 10 LB


Introducing Zoo Med's Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate - 10 LB: The Ultimate Natural Habitat for Your Reptiles!

Give your reptiles the environment they crave with our innovative Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate. Crafted to mimic the natural habitats of burrowing reptiles, this substrate enables them to engage in their instinctual digging behaviors. Watch in awe as they create intricate tunnels and multi-level terraces, just like they would in the wild.

Key Features:
- Facilitates Natural Digging Behaviors: Provide your reptiles with the opportunity to exhibit their natural instincts by burrowing and tunneling to their heart's content.
- Sturdy and Long-Lasting: Unlike other substrates, Excavator clay holds its shape, ensuring that burrows and tunnels remain intact for extended periods.
- All-Natural Formula: Rest easy knowing that our substrate is free from added dyes, colors, or chemicals. It's pure and safe for your beloved pets.

Ordering Options:
- Convenience at Your Fingertips: You can easily order the Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate online for local pick-up. Simply visit select Zamzows pet supply centers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa, or have it delivered nationwide for your utmost convenience.

Bring the essence of the wild into your reptile's enclosure and let them thrive in their own natural habitat. Elevate their quality of life with Zoo Med's Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate - 10 LB. Get yours today!