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Zamzows Z-One Insecticide Concentrate 16 OZ

Zamzows Z-One Insect Control Product Label

Zamzows Z-One insect control kills more than 100 different types of troublesome listed insect pests. Use on lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, vegetable ornamentals and more.

  • Kills over 100 insect pests while providing both contact and residual control
  • Keeps working for up to 4 weeks
  • Controls spider mites, aphids, scale, whiteflies, beetles, mites and many more
  • Use on vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and more
  • Contact and Residual Contro
    Vegetables, fruits, flowers, nuts, lawns, trees, shrubs, outside surfaces of buildings and surrounding areas.

Not for sale in California.


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