Crystal Clear Algae D-Solv 32 OZ
Crystal Clear Algae D-Solv 32 OZ

Crystal Clear Algae D-Solv 32 OZ


Product Information

CrystalClear Algae D-Solv is a 5.4% active EPA registered algaecide. CrystalClear Algae D-Solv targets string algae, blanketweed and green water caused by single-celled algae. Unlike some algaecides on the market, CrystalClear Algae D-Solv contains no copper and will not harm fish and live plants when used as directed. 1 ounce treats 360 gallons.

Algae D-Solv cannot be shipped to Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada.

When to Apply

Apply Algae D-Solv to treat existing algae growth or once per week for maintenance.

Warm Weather Alert:

Before using Algae D-Solv in ponds, ensure that water is well aerated via waterfall, fountain, or other method to prevent fish loss. Aeration must be continuous. During warm weather with high water temperatures, vigorous, 24-hour aeration is required. High water temperatures cause more rapid decay of dead algae, which can cause fish distress. When algae is treated, it may cause oxygen levels to drop to harmful levels if adequate aeration is not provided.

How to Apply

Heavy Algae Growth: It is highly recommended to remove excess algae prior to your treatment. Removing excess algae will produce better results with fewer treatments while reducing decaying organic matter, resulting in less oxygen loss.

Formulated for: Fountains, Small Ponds with Goldfish & Koi: Algae D-Solv can be used in water features that have no outflow after treatment.


Use 1 oz of Algae D-Solv per 360 gallons of pond or fountain water. Pour evenly around the pond edges or into an area with the greatest circulation. Do not use more than the recommended dose.

For Best Results: remove excess algae prior to treatment. Wait for a minimum of 3 days between treatments. Repeat dosage once per week for maintenance. Before using Algae D-Solv, make sure your pond has vigorous aeration such as a fountain, waterfall, or aeration device. Without aeration, your fish may be at risk due to decreased oxygen levels, especially during the warmer months.

Once algae is under control, we recommend following up with RapiClear flocculant treatment.Restrictions

Do not use Algae D-Solv with snails, shrimp, clams and other crustaceans, or mollusks.

Algae D-Solv cannot be shipped to Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada.

Product Notices:

Do not use more than what is recommended for your pond size. Algae D-Solv can be used in ponds for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife when used with vigorous aeration and in accordance with the label directions.

Keep product away from children and pets when not in use. Algae D-Solv becomes hazards to humans and domestic animals - if absorbed through skin or swallowed.

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